How to remove absolute path in svn+ssh

As you may or may not know there is a path difference between svn and svn+ssh links in case if subversion server is configured with default root directory:

SVNSERVE_OPTIONS="-d -R -r /path-to-repos"
This way repository can be checked out using following commands (consider ssh is set up and working):
svn co svn://server.com/repository directory
svn co svn+ssh://server.com/path-to-repos/repository directory


How to ARM Linux

During last few years I've never found a good excessive topic covering most of the areas to get Linux runnnig from scratch. I remember myself doing a lot of investigation about correct building of a crosscompiler, studying bootloader internals, and so on... I'm definitely sure - if I had a person that could point me in right direction, then all the development should finish much earlier.

Consider this article as my personal note and feel free using it your own way.